Temp specs reduced for Johnson Matthey DPFs

Temp specs cut for Johnson Matthey DPFs

EPA and CARB have lowered the temperature specs for Johnson Matthey’s diesel particulate filters (DPF), including the CRT (Continuously Regenerating Technology) and CCRT (Catalyzed CRT) systems. Revising the exhaust outlet temperature specs downward means that these DPFs can now be used on “low-temperature applications like school buses and refuse trucks,” said Johnson Matthey.

CRT and CCRT systems from Johnson Matthey’s Environmental Catalysts and Technologies Group are “verified for use in all on-road, turbocharged, four-stroke, non-EGR and select EGR diesel engines made between 1994 and 2006,” according to the company.

Johnson Matthey pointed out that since DPFs have different exhaust temperature requirements, fleets should “chose a filter that is specified for their operating conditions.” If this procedure is not followed, cleaning the soot buildup on the filter becomes more complicated and costly.

For information on EPA/CARB verification, go to www.epa.gov/otaq/retrofit; for more information on Johnson Mattey products, go to www.jmcatalysts.com or call the company’s Emissions Hotline at 1-800-RX-FOR-AIR.

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