Overnite rolls out e-mail invoicing

Overnite rolls out e-mail invoicing

Richmond, VA-based LTL Overnite Transportation Co. is now offering shippers the option of receiving invoices via e-mail in a PDF file format.

Overnite said its e-mailed invoices are identical to paper invoices its customers would normally receive in the mail. The e-mailed invoices come with a copy of the invoice summary as well as any other applicable shipping documents, including images of bills of lading or proofs of delivery.

“Our customers now can have their invoices sent right to their e-mail inbox as a simple attachment,” said Tom Kubsh, the carrier’s director for systems development said. “It’s the EDI solution for small companies and independent business owners who average 10 shipments a day or less.”

The PDF files are sent with imbedded bookmarks to direct users to specific pages within the document for easy reference to a shipment’s freight bill number, as well as additional shipping documentation, including original freight bills, delivery receipts, a bill of lading or a reweigh certificate, added Kubsh.

There also is a search function allowing users to quickly find detailed information, such as a specific customer name. In addition, Overnite's e-mail invoice files include several options for printing, allowing either the whole document or specific pages to be printed as needed, he said.

“Many of our customers communicate with Overnite regularly via e-mail and use the Internet for making their shipment arrangements,” Kubsh added. “It made sense for us to provide them with another solution to help simplify their lives and make doing business with us as effortless as possible.”

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