EPA’s SmartWay struts

TAMPA, FL. EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership has announced major environmental and fuel saving accomplishments with its freight industry partners since its inception in February 2004 here at the Technology & Maintenance Council’s annual meeting.

According to SmartWay, it projects have saved 283.6 million gallons of fuel per year. This savings translates into reductions of 3.1 million tons of carbon dioxide, 22,000 tons of nitrogen oxide, and 800 tons of particulate matter emissions annually by 2007.

SmartWay also welcomed its 300th partner—Dupre’ Transport—at the meeting.

By 2012, the SmartWay partnership aims to reduce 33 million to 66 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 200,000 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions annually.

To promote the program’s achievements, EPA is currently accepting nominations for the first annual SmartWay excellence awards through June 30, 2006. The award will recognize companies and organizations that made significant contributions toward protecting the environment through the program.

The partnership is a national voluntary program developed by EPA and freight industry representatives to promote cleaner and more efficient ground freight transportation.

For more information, got to www.epa.gov/smartway. For information on SmartWay award nominations go to www.epa.gov/smartway/awards.htm.

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