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NLM joins EPA SmartWay

NLM joins EPA SmartWay

Third-party logistics provider National Logistics Management has joined EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership. Under this partnership, NLM has agreed to:

  • track the percentage of freight SmartWay Transport Partnership carriers haul;
  • promote SmartWay Partnership to contracted carriers;
  • provide EPA annual progress reports.

    NLM will provide SmartWay information via on its its own website, emails to its carrier base, and roundtable discussions to promote the program.

    “We are excited to join the SmartWay partnership and look forward to doing our part in helping EPA reduce harmful emissions and increase fuel efficiency,” said Scott Taylor, NLM founder & CEO. “When dealing with something as large as the logistics industry, even small steps, such as idle reduction, go a long way in substantially improving the environment. It simply makes good business sense to save costs by consuming less gas.”

    For more information, go to

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