A. Duie Pyle unveils priority shipment service

A. Duie Pyle offers priority service

West Chester, PA-based regional LTL A. Duie Pyle has launched what its calling “Pyle Priority Service” to guarantee expedited, on-time delivery for shipments in the Northeast region.

“Business moves much faster than it did 20 years ago and companies are under more pressure to perform faster and more consistently,” said Peter Latta, the carrier’s president. “Our priority service will help them do this by taking the guesswork out of their shipments – as they can rest assured that their shipments will be 100% on-time or they simply don't pay.”

Latta said meeting the strict demands of this new service shouldn’t be too difficult as Pyle already delivers 99% of its regular shipments on time, with 70% of those shipments delivered before noon.

He noted that Pyle Priority is structured with four different options: Guarantee Day, Guarantee by Noon, Guarantee by 10AM, and Guarantee Express, for when established delivery standards are not soon enough. These services enable customers to pay only for the level of service they need with a simplified, guaranteed fee that is easy to administer, Latta said.

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