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NYC’s congestion pricing: What happened?

June 21, 2024
New York postponed its Central Business District Tolling Program just weeks before it would take effect. The program faced backlash from transportation companies and local businesses.

New York City’s congesting pricing program was going to be the first of its kind in the U.S., and it was going take effect on June 30. On June 5, however, New York Governor Kathy Hochul postponed the program indefinitely.

"People started realizing that the costs are not just going to be borne by the trucking companies. They operate on pennies on the dollar right now, and if you put a $36 fee onto them, that is significant for their operating margins,” Rishi Mehra, sector VP of Trimble Maps, told FleetOwner. “It could have been a deciding factor ... for some small trucking fleets to not even do business in New York City altogether.”

NYC thought it had a solid plan to simultaneously reduce traffic and fund its public transit system. Instead, it only found a way to frustrate residents and transportation companies.

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Editor Jeremy Wolfe joined the FleetOwner team in February 2024. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with majors in English and Philosophy. He previously served as Editor for Endeavor Business Media's Water Group publications.

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