Bendix Improves Diagnostic Tools

Bendix improves antilock brake ABS diagnostic tool

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC has launched an upgraded diagnostic software program and a remote diagnostic unit that improves its troubleshooting capabilities for its antilock brake systems. These products support the company’s latest EC-60 electronic control unit (ECU) for its ABS-6 standard and premium antilock braking systems.

The Bendix ACOM 3.0 software supports a broad range of Bendix ECUs and is designed to simplify the troubleshooting process. The Microsoft Internet Explorer-based program now has a diagnostic trouble code window that displays the status of the system.

“ACOM was designed with simple, concise instructions that allow technicians to move quickly and efficiently throughout the troubleshooting process to minimize downtime,” said Kevin Romanchok, electronics product line director at Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems.

The Bendix pocket-sized remote diagnostic unit, which plugs into a 9-pin diagnostic connector on the dash, provides system status and lists the location of a faulty component.

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