A grease for all seasons

Castrol Pyroplex Protection ES extended-service grease

BP Lubricants America says its new Castrol Pyroplex Protection ES is an extended-service grease that boasts a formula designed to ward off corrosion caused by road salts.

The product is a synthetic lithium-complex grease designed for on- and off-road applications. According to BP, it is ideal for winter operating conditions and is suited for trucks and other heavy-duty equipment that require extended service intervals and/or maximum wear and corrosion protection.

“Castrol Pyroplex Protection ES truly is a grease for all seasons,” said brand manager Miguel Sanchez. “It has the potential to last as long as your engine oil.”

Sanchez noted that the grease’s “stay-in-place ability” combined with its superior mobility and high-pressure performance enable it to allow extended service intervals and to reduce wear and tear on moving parts “all year long.”

Go to www.castrol.com/us or call 800-777-1466 for more information.

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