Looser Border Regs for Some Canadian Truck Drivers

Dept. of Homeland Security exempts some Canadian truckers

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced that under its US-VISIT program, truck drivers who are permanent residents of Canada, but not Canadian citizens, will not have to be fingerprinted and photographed each time they travel between Canada and the U.S.

US-VISIT was created by DHS to enhance security for U.S. citizens and visitors while facilitating legitimate travel and trade across our borders. In a recently published US-VISIT fact sheet, DHS says that while Customs and Border Protection officers always retain the discretion to refer a driver for US-VISIT processing as part of the inspection process, Canadian permanent resident drivers, including those in the FAST card program, will only have to report for US-VISIT processing when they renew their multiple-entry I-94 forms (usually every six months).

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has been promoting the use of the FAST card as a way for Canadian residents to meet U.S. security measures. CTA’s CEO David Bradley said he was “pleased by the announcement from DHS; it makes imminent sense and will help avoid additional border disruptions while enhancing safety. CTA appreciates the consideration and effort that both the U.S. and Canadian governments have put into finding a workable and practical solution.”

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