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Census charts growth in 2003 trucking revenue

Census Bureau reports trucking revenues expanded in 2003

An annual survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau found that revenues for the truck transportation, warehousing and storage, and courier and messenger industries combined rose 2.8% to $242 billion in 2003, up from $235 billion in 2002.

According to the 2003 Service Annual Survey, truck transportation revenues alone rose 2.5% to $172 billion in 2003, while warehousing and storage revenues increased 5.8% to $16 billion, the Bureau said.

Within the truck transportation sector, the Bureau found that general freight trucking contributed about two-thirds of all trucking revenue in 2003 – some $111 billion – with specialized freight (requiring flatbeds, tankers or refrigerated trailers) accounting for the remaining $60 billion.

The local for-hire general freight segment saw the greatest revenue growth in 2003 – rising 7.3% to $16 billion in revenues -- while long-distance general freight revenues increased just 2% to $95 billion. Overall, motor carrier revenues rose 2.8% to $161 billion in 2003, the Bureau said.

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