Food hauler opts for Cube Route tracking service

Cube Food Supplies chooses Cube Route Visibility service

Food warehousing and delivery company Reliable Food Supplies is using Cube Route’s Visibility service to provide its dispatchers with web-based, real-time fleet tracking information.

Reliable Food Supplies uses cartridge-based computer processors mounted in some of its refrigerated trucks to track RPMs and speed levels, and the fleet tracking service compiles the data to make it is useful “at a glance,” Cube Route said. This enables dispatchers to quickly identify delivery problems in real time, the company added.

Additionally, Cube Route Visibility tracks mileage, productivity, timecards, exception handling, temperatures, and signatures.

Cube Route has configured its service to Reliable Food Suppliers so that its fleet can be tracked via any wireless Web-based device, including cell phones, GPS phones, handheld PDAs or customer field tracking units.

“Cube Route provides an affordable and effective way for us to stay on top of our delivery operations,” said Tony Priaulx, Reliable Foods’ IT manager.

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