Cummins reveals EPA ’07 solution

Cummins reveals EPA ’07 solution

COLUMBUS, IN. Cummins Inc. disclosed it will meet the 2007 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission standards for heavy-duty on-highway truck engines by integrating its current cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) engine technology with an aftertreatment device, the Cummins Particulate Filter.

“We said that cooled EGR emissions technology would be the foundation for our 2007 product line back in 2002,” said Tom Kieffer, executive director of marketing, speaking at a news conference held March 29 at Cummins’ headquarters here. Kieffer stated that a key aspect of Cummins EPA ’07 compliance strategy is to “provide stable engine architecture that assures customers that the engine they are operating today will be the same basic engine in 2007.”

What will be different is the addition of the Cummins Particulate Filter, developed and manufactured by Fleetguard Emissions Solutions, a Cummins subsidiary, as well as inclusion of a crankcase ventilation system, also supplied by Fleetguard

According to Cummins, the particulate filter is designed to reduce particulate matter (PM) emissions by 90% from current levels. The manufacturer said the filter will replace the existing vehicle muffler, and will add minimal weight to the vehicle, and will have [filter] service requirements extending out as far as 400,000 miles for linehaul trucks. As for the crankcase ventilation system, the company said it “virtually eliminates any oil carryover from the engine.”

Cummins also announced the results of high-mileage engineering evaluations of its on-highway ISX model. The company said the results, from tearing down engines with almost 600,000 miles behind them, demonstrated that its engines certified and compliant to 2004 EPA emissions standards would deliver the same or better durability than the engines they replaced.

“The proof is in the parts,” said Kieffer. “The results indicate that today’s ISX will have the same or better durability than the [Cummins] N14—long regarded as the industry standard for durability.” He noted that as 2007 approaches, “customers have confidence in our current product durability and tell us they appreciate the stability our product plans will offer.”

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