Delphi concept truck highlights safety technology

Delphi discusses safety concept trucks at TMC

TAMPA, FL – From Glenn Widmann’s point of view, today’s truck driver has a lot of things to manage while driving – and not just operating his or her vehicle.

“They’ve got the radio on, they are getting calls from their dispatcher, all while driving in lots of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. It’s a very challenging work environment,” he told Fleet Owner here at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) annual meeting.

As chief engineer for Delphi’s integrated safety systems division, Widmann said that getting technology to help the driver operate a vehicle more safety in spite of all that information coming at them is just one of the reasons behind Delphi’s development of a new safety concept truck.

Using a European-built Scania tractor as the platform, Delphi installed everything from camera and radar systems for collision warning, infrared night vision to improve nighttime driving, and driver distraction and drowsy detection system to reduce the likelihood of operator fatigue becoming a safety issue.

“It’s all about helping the driver better manage their workload,” Widmann said. “For example, we have a special side-view camera system that activates at low speed and turning maneuvers, such as along city streets, to give them a better field of view. The system shuts down when they get on the highway so it doesn’t distract them. This is just one example of technology helping the driver better manage stressful situations.”

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