Diesel up 2.6 cents to $2.194

Diesel up 2.6 cents to $2.194, Dept. of Energy survey says

The national average price for a gallon of diesel fuel ticked up 2.6 cents to average $2.194 last week, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). This marks a significant cost stabilization over the 5- and 9.8-cent jumps posted for the prior two weeks, and is consistent with EIA’s forecast.

See West Coast and national diesel prices set to cool.

The Lower Atlantic region saw the steepest hike, up 3.5 cents to $2.137. Bargain hunters may want to fill up in the Gulf Coast if possible, with prices at $2.13 after a 3-cent hop.

The region most in need of price relief at the pumps was the only region that posted a decline-- the West Coast. It posted a 0.8-cent dip to $2.442 and remains the most expensive region to fill up in.

An EIA economist told Fleet Owner last week that some pumps in Washington state posted diesel prices of $2.60. However, a supply of petroleum imports arriving in the region coupled with a seasonal decline in diesel demand is expected to keep prices steady in the weeks leading up to April.

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