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Donaldson field-tests DPF

Donaldson field-tests DPF

Donaldson Company Inc. is currently field-testing its active regeneration diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems. The fuel-injection-based DPF actively monitors the filter’s status and automatically regenerates the filter when necessary, without interfering with the engine’s operational cycle.

The test sites are located in California and Minnesota, where the systems are installed on refuse haulers owned by Waste Management Inc.

“We chose Minnesota and California for our test sites because the areas are prone to extreme temperatures and operating conditions,” said Ted Angelo, Donaldson director-emissions development. “Data gathered from the tests will help us accurately assess the durability and functionality of our active regeneration DPF system when exposed to difficult duty cycles.”

For more information, contact the Donaldson Emissions Business Group at 952-887-3725 or visit

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