Engine data collected wirelessly

Engine data collected wirelessly

Onboard computing and mobile communications provider PeopleNet and maintenance software company TMTsoftware today announced they are integrating their products to bring “significant efficiencies” to fleet maintenance operations via automated data collection.

PeopleNet will provide the wireless delivery of real-time engine data through their PerformX system, which works in tandem with the maintenance tracking capabilities of TMTsoftware’s Transman fleet management software. The companies seek to eliminate manual collection of engine data by shop technicians and transfer to the Transman system.

“The integration aligns closely with the needs of our customers, who have asked for more streamlined maintenance operations,” said Ron Konezny, PeopleNet COO. “Just one piece of data, odometer readings for example, delivered from the road can lead to considerable efficiency in scheduling preventative maintenance. Our vision for this integration is to provide fleets with real-time maintenance updates.”

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