Container security system undergoes tests

Container security system undergoes tests PSA Logistics Savi Manugistics

A new system is being tested by PSA Logistics to improve security for cargo containers being shipped into the United States and other countries.

Called N2N Smart Container Solutions, the system tracks cargo containers from Asia to final destinations in the U.S. via ships, trains and trucks. It's designed in accordance with guidelines laid out in the Smart and Secure Tradelanes (SST) initiative designed by ports and U.S. government agencies, said PSA.

The SST initiative seeks to have global shippers comply voluntarily with U.S. government cargo security programs --namely the Container Security Initiative (CSI), the Customs Trade Partners Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), and Operation Safe Commerce -- for 600 ports in 123 countries.

PSA is currently conducting container security trials using the N2N technology. To date, five companies have equipped some 500 containers with the N2N system, tracking them factories in Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, Malaysia and Singapore to destination ports and warehouses in Europe, the U.S., Canada and Australia. About 85 containers have been shipped so far, with the first leaving Thailand, China and Indonesia on November 7 and arriving in Australia and the U.S. November 19.

The N2N systems involves technology from several companies -- including Sun Microsystems, Manugistics, EXE Technologies, Savi Technology, and Intermec Technologies -- to provide end-to-end real-time tracking for containers. Under the SST initiative, their systems are integrated over the Internet with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices and electronic bolt seals for real-time visibility and security of ocean containers, said PSA.

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