Con-Way joins Canadian customs effort

Con-Way joins Canadian customs

Con-Way Transportation Services Inc. said it has been approved by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency for participation in the agency's Customs Self Assessment (CSA) program.

Approval was given for the company's LTL carriers: Con-Way Central Express, Con-Way Western Express and Con-Way Canada Express. Approval was previously given to Con-Way NOW, the company's expedited freight service provider.

"CSA and other security initiatives have required substantial administrative time and effort but we believe it is in the best interest of our customers and employees to make these investments," said Con-Way executive vp and COO Douglas W. Stotlar. The CSA program has been in development since 1998 at the urging of the auto industry and other big importers. It is part of a joint U.S. and Canada cross-border security initiative begun in 2001.

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