Pennzoil scores Mack EO-N approval

diesel engine oil truck fleets

Pennzoil Long-Life engine oil has been approved for the new Mack EO-N Premium Plus specification. Pennzoil said it is one of the first diesel engine oil marketers to receive the new rating.

The Mack EO-N Premium Plus spec exceeds a number of the requirements of the new CI-4 classification from the American Petroleum Institute, according to Mike Monarchi, Pennzoil product manager for heavy duty engine oils.

"While the CI-4 classification was developed specifically to meet the higher demands of lower-emission 2002 diesel engines, the requirements for EO-N Premium Plus go well beyond that and are the most stringent for diesel engine oil in North America," said Monarchi. "We are extremely proud to have an oil which is among the first to meet these requirements."

Monarchi said the EO-N Premium Plus spec is stricter than four out of the seven engine tests and four out of the eight bench tests required to classify an oil as CI-4. Mack EO-N Premium Plus also includes Volvo VDS-3 approval, an extended drain specification for Volvo engines.

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