Yellow gets Canadian Customs approval

Yellow gets Canadian Customs approval

LTL carrier Yellow Transportation said it has received Customs Self Assessment (CSA) approval from the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA). The CSA is a new procedure put in place after September 11 designed to streamline the customs process for low-risk shipments moving from the U.S. to Canada while improving data collection and processing.

The CCRA said the CSA program is designed to help increase cross-border shipment efficiency by electronically transmitting shipment data to Canadian Customs shortly after pickup. This improves handling and processing of customs-related information and reduces unnecessary delays at the Canadian border, added Overland Park, KS-based Yellow.

CCRA also said that to qualify for CSA expedited shipping, goods destined for Canada must be of U.S. origin with the freight carrier, driver and Canadian importer all being CSA certified. The CCRA manages the risk of this self-assessment approach through profile targeting of the importer, carrier and driver, it said, verifying compliance by occasionally examining goods at the border and by conducting compliance reviews.

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