Great Dane unveils ‘ThermoGuard’ refrigerated trailers

Great Dane unveils ‘ThermoGuard’ refrigerated trailers

LOUSIVILLE, KY. Great Dane Trailers unveiled what it is calling a “revolutionary” new design for refrigerated trailers using a patent-pending insulation called ThermoGuard.

Rick Mullininx, Great Dane’s vp-engineering, said ThermoGuard is a lightweight, puncture-resistant glass-reinforced thermoplastic liner that reduces weight while providing longer-lasting insulation integrity.

Costing $800 to $1,000 more than its current top-of-the-line insulated lining, ThermoGuard allows Great Dane to reduce the empty weight of its refrigerated trailer by 200 lb., yet provide a liner with 2.6 times more strength than traditional liners and one that can be “remelted” for quick in-place repairs, said Mullininx.

The key to ThermoGuard is that it does not degrade at the same speed as traditional insulation. After two years it is able to maintain its original insulation performance, which means the trailer’s cooling unit does not have to work harder or longer to maintain internal temperature. This, in turn, saves fuel and reefer wear and tear over time.

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