Heil treating bodies to corrosion-resistant primer

Heil treating bodies to corrosion-resistant primer

Thanks to a new paint system in its Tishomingo, MS plant, Heil Environmental Truck Equipment Group is now applying a corrosion-resistant primer to all the dump truck bodies it manufactures. Heil says the system uses a durable epoxy primer supplied by BASF to provide a more corrosion-resistant, longer-lasting finish.

“Most of our dump bodies ship from the plant just in primer, then are finished at our distributors’ locations,” says Michael Johnson, gm of the Truck Equipment Group. “The primer protects the body in transit and prepares it for the color coats. Our new paint system combines an activator with an epoxy for a high-quality base coat that requires less prep work to finish than other systems and ultimately provides a better paint job for the customer.”

According to Heil, the new system involves a plural mixing spray machine that automatically mixes the activator and epoxy primer in perfect proportions every time. This eliminates the potential for human error and guarantees a consistent finish from product to product. The primer system is used for everything produced at the plant, from dump bodies to hoists.

Heil has also installed a BASF acrylic urethane system in the Tishomingo facility for applying the top coat to the bodies that are mounted in-house. This system employs one of the most durable urethane coatings available today, according to BASF. The result is a strong, high-gloss finish.

“At Heil, we make products that are built to last, even in the harshest work environments,” Johnson adds. “Thanks to our new paint system, the dump body finish will hold up even longer, too.”

For more information, go to www.duraclass.com or call 800-255-4345.

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