International debuts big-bore diesel

International debuts big-bore diesel

LOUISVILLE, KY. International Truck and Engine Corporation announced its new family of International brand big-bore diesel engines here today at the Mid-America Trucking Show. The new 11- to 13-liter engine range will be compliant with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2007 emissions standards, according to the OEM, and is projected to be available on International Class 8 vehicles starting in the Fall of 2007.

The new engines will be offered exclusively in International brand regional-haul and long-haul, as well as severe-service trucks. International said it wouldl also continue to offer Cummins and Caterpillar big-bore engines in its Class 8 vehicles.

According to Dee Kapur, president, International Truck Group, the engine launch is the fruit of the previously announced strategic agreement between International and German truck and engine maker MAN Nutfahrzeuge to collaborate on the design, development, sourcing and manufacturing of components and systems for commercial trucks and diesel engines.

“With this introduction, Class 8 customers gain a valuable alternative from an integrated truck and engine company,” said Jack Allen, president, International Engine Group. “It will be specifically engineered to integrate leading diesel technologies with cab, chassis and systems innovations.”

Allen said the new engine is a “true big-bore platform” and will provide a “full step up in size and power” from International’s mid-range diesels. He said key features will include :

  • Performance-driven, direct injection high-pressure common rail electronic fuel system capable of multiple injection events.
  • Durable single overhead cam actuated with 4-valves/cylinder and roller rocker arms.
  • Compacted graphite iron cylinder block for high strength and low weight.
  • Rugged gear-driven air compressor and power steering pump.
  • Rear gear train and pad mounted accessories designed for low noise.

    According to Allen, the OEM is also expanding on the Green Diesel Technology platform it has been developing for engines over the last five years. “When customers buy International big-bore and mid-range engines with Green Diesel Technology they will get the most reliable and advanced powertrain on the market, due to our experience and leadership in emissions solutions,” he said. “Green Diesel Technology allows for optimized drivability and life-cycle value, minimized emissions and a new level of driver comfort with very low noise and vibration. It’s pure power and power that is pure.”

    Allen said the new engine would be designed off a MAN base platform [the 10.5-liter MAN D29], which has been in production in Europe for one year. He noted International would begin field-testing its big-bore diesel in late spring 2006. According to the company, the manufacturing site has not yet been selected but when it begins, production will be in an International facility.

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