Interstate unveils more rugged AGM battery design

The new 31-AGM7 extreme absorbed glass-mat (AGM) battery design being rolled out by Interstate Batteries this month is designed to offer a much higher power discharge than typical truck batteries to allow for faster and stronger starting and recharging performance.

Gale Kimbrough, Interstate’s technical services manager, noted that most starting batteries usually provide roughly a 10% depth of discharge, whereas the new 31-AGM7 crafted with the company’s Pure Matrix Powerdesign produces 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge.

Interstate’s Pure Matrix Power design, he added, is a combination of pure non-alloy lead and an extra thin plate design – meaning that the pure lead without the common impurities of alloyed lead and the increased surface area of the thinner plates results in higher level battery performance for both cranking the engine and powering electrical accessories over and over again.

Additionally, the thick glass-mats inside the AGM battery absorb its active ingredient – electrolyte, a mixture of sulfuric acid and water – so it can work well for starting truck engines as well as power auxiliary power units (APUs), heating, ventilation and air conditioning, power generators, lift gates, solar panels and other heavy-cycling applications.

“Our new 31-AGM7 can accept and produce a tremendous amount of current very quickly, reducing the battery’s charge time,” Kimbrough pointed out. “Additionally, extreme cold and extreme heat challenge a battery’s ability to perform, and this new AGM battery, with its temperature-resistant properties, rises to this challenge by delivering at a high level in all climates.” 

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