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Drop floor, speed delivery

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies POWERplatform

INDIANAPOLIS, IN. Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies unveiled its new POWERplatform system here yesterday at the National Truck Equipment Assn.'s Work Truck Show.

The drop-floor platform, offered on the company's 16- to 26-ft. premier refrigerated truck bodies, is an integral part of the truck floor and is designed to speed multi-stop direct store delivery of refrigerated product.

Johnson estimates using the POWERplatform will provide time savings of over one hour a day for a typical multi-stop delivery route. The company noted that when used on a typical dairy route, the rear-access platform can hold up to 66 milk cases.

"With the POWERplatform, there's no need for the driver to unfold and fold a liftgate at each stop," Greg LaFrance, director of sales & marketing, told Fleet Owner. "Instead, the driver can ride with the cargo on the platform's floor. That increases productivity while reducing driver fatigue and worker comp claims."

According to LaFrance, the unit's pump and motor assembly are housed in a weatherproof utility box and the heavy-duty piston assemblies are embedded in the body walls. "The protection provided to the system ensures very low maintenance costs," he noted.

The rear-access POWERplatform measures 42 by 59.5 in. and has a 3,000-lb. lift capacity. A side gate option is available with a 1,500-lb. capacity rating. The platform is operated either by a hand-held remote tethered to the body or by an outside toggle switch. For safety's sake, there is an audible alarm and a pressure-sensitive safety switch around the platform perimeter.

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