KATRINA UPDATE: Fikes delivers aid

Fikes Truck Line is donating the equipment, drivers and fuel costs to deliver aid to the people displaced by Hurricane Katrina

Fikes Truck Line is donating equipment, drivers and fuel costs to deliver aid to people displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Fikes Truck Line has delivered three truckloads of donated goods since Sept. 4, to different locations:

  1. Baldwin, LA where UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) has a warehouse
  2. Lafayette, LA to deliver water to the Red Cross for 7,000 refugees housed in the Cajun Dome
  3. Jackson, MS to a UMCOR relief site at a vacant Winn-Dixie

“When the call came in from the United Methodist Church asking for a truck, we realized this is what we can do [to help],” said Jim Smith, Fikes president. “Whatever they need us to do, we’ll do. Trucks and drivers will be critical to relief and rebuilding efforts.”

To discuss the Katrina disaster and its effect on the trucking industry or to share your personal experiences, please visit FleetOwner's Katrina Blog at blog.fleetowner.com/katrina.

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