New KW rolls off the line

New KW rolls off the line

CHILLICOTHE, OH. Kenworth Truck Co. yesterday rolled out the first new T660 tractor here at the Kenworth-Chillicothe plant

<i>The new Kenworth T660.</i>

CHILLICOTHE, OH. Kenworth Truck Co. yesterday rolled out the first new T660 tractor here at the Kenworth-Chillicothe plant. The company also released details on other 2007 products, including a new auxiliary power system and proprietary engines for medium-duty trucks.

The new T660, a pre-production model, is beginning an 18,000-mile road tour that will take it to nearly 60 Kenworth dealerships this year.

The touring Kenworth T660 is equipped with an 86-in. Studio AeroCab sleeper, Cummins 2007 ISX engine rated at 565 hp., and a Fuller 18-speed transmission.

The redesigned T660 also features:

  • advanced aerodynamics for enhanced fuel economy
  • Kenworth GPS Navigation System and new driver’s display
  • a more-reliable multiplexed electrical instrumentation system
  • easier maintenance and servicing
  • comfortable interior and sleeper Production is slated for the first quarter of 2007. The OEM also announced that its Clean Power System will be available as a factory option on the T660 72-in. AeroCab sleeper beginning in the second quarter of 2007. The system offers engine-off performance for up to 10 hours and provides 110v “hotel” load power. Kenworth said customers that idle often could realize a return on investment “in months.”

    The Clean Power system uses four dedicated, advanced glass mat, deep-cycle batteries that power a Thermal Storage Cooler through an inverter/charger. About the size of a microwave, it fits under the bunk. As the truck is driven down the road, or while it’s connected to “shore power,” the liquid inside the Storage Cooler is frozen, giving roughly 21,000 BTUs of cooling capacity when needed. Kenworth said the system is able to keep the sleeper cool for 10 hours, even with outside ambient temperatures as high as 95º F. When the sleeper occupant needs heat, the system activates a small diesel-fired heating unit, which is also mounted under the bunk.

    While the Clean Power System is self-contained, drivers will have the option of plugging into shore power, the OEM noted.

    On the medium-duty side, Kenworth announced plans to install the new Paccar PX-6 and PX-8 engines in its conventional Class 6 and 7 vehicles in January 2007. These additions “will provide customers with an integrated engine and chassis solution to complement Kenworth’s outstanding T300 Class 6 and 7 vehicles,” stated Bob Christensen, Kenworth gm and Paccar vp.

    The efficient 6.7L Paccar PX-6 engine will be offered in both Class 6 and 7 configurations, with horsepower ratings ranging from 200 to 325, and 520 to 750 ft.-lb. of torque. The engine has a two-year warranty with unlimited miles.

    The more-powerful 8.3L PX-8 engine will offer ratings ranging from 240 to 330 hp. and a torque range of 660 to 1,000 ft.-lb.; a 360-hp. version will be available for emergency vehicles. The PX-8 will come in the Class 7 configuration and the tandem axle T300. It has a two-year, 250,000-mi. warranty.

    Kenworth also announced a bevy of new products for 2007, including a W900S vocational model with an extended day cab, Caterpillar C9 engines for vocational trucks, and the Kenworth GPS Navigation System as standard on some models.

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