Michelin X One tires aims to please

Michelin X One wide single tire total satisfaction guarantee

TAMPA, FL— Michelin announced here at the Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting that it is offering a “total satisfaction guarantee” for first-time X One wide single-tire customers.

The Michelin X One Total Satisfaction Guarantee is available to customers who purchase at least four replacement X One tire assemblies up to the first 10 sets of X One tires purchased. If for the first 60 days the customer isn’t satisfied, Michelin will take back the tires and wheels and provide a full refund, as well as help with the switch back to a dual tire configuration, said Michelin.

Another component of the warranty includes Michelin’s offer to buy back X One casings and cover 75% of the cost of the wheels if the owner isn’t satisfied with the tire’s performance at the end of its original tread life.

The X One replaces dual tire sets with one tire, which offers weight and fuel savings, Michelin said.

“This program is unique in that it provides fleet owners an opportunity to see the benefits of X One tires for themselves on their trucks and in their normal day-to-day operation,” said Marc Laferriere, Michelin Americas Truck Tires vp of marketing.

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