Minnesota temporarily suspends biodiesel rule

Minnesota temporarily suspends biodiesel rule

The Minnesota Trucking Assn. (MTA) announced that the Minnesota Dept. of Commerce has postponed enforcement of the state’s biodiesel blended fuel requirement until January 13, 2006. The action was taken to give fuel producing and distributing industries time to identify any out-of-spec product and remove it from the distribution system, MTA said.

MTA requested this action in a letter sent to Governor Pawlenty on Dec. 14, 2005. According to MTA, a recent survey identified significant fuel-filter plugging and other fuel abnormalities statewide. Of the 90 fleets responding to the survey, 62% had experienced fuel filter plugging. Of those, 66% experienced repeated plugging on the same truck. Those affected consistently reported a black sludge or wax in their filters, MTA said.

Fleets are encouraged to continue to report any current or future problems to both the MTA and the University of Minnesota Biodiesel Helpline at 800-929-3437 or 651-330-0450.

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