Networkcar adds satellite option

Networkcar adds satellite option to expand coverage

TAMPA, FL Networkcar, a Reynolds and Reynolds company, today announced here at the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) meeting that it will be offering a satellite option to provide complete U.S. coverage.

According to Networkcar, customers will have the option to select satellite coverage for those vehicles operating outside of current terrestrial network coverage.

"We have added a satellite option in response to growing demand from a select portion of our customer base," said Dave Dutch, president of Networkcar. "As terrestrial-based systems continue to expand coverage, the need for satellite doesn't impact most of our customers, but we feel it is important to provide a satellite coverage option for those customers with vehicles operating primarily in remote, rural areas."

By providing the option of two networks, Networkcar customers can select the more affordable terrestrial coverage for the majority of their fleet and equip the remaining remotely-located vehicles with satellite coverage, according to Dutch. He explained this allows the customer to choose the most affordable coverage option for each vehicle yet still manage the location and performance of the entire fleet using the same hosted software.

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