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New Oil Stabilizer for Gas, Diesel Engines

Prolong releases oil stabilizer

Irvine, CA-based Prolong International Corp. has unveiled a new heavy duty oil stabilizer, formulated to help stop oil leaks and excessive oil consumption, reduce exhaust smoke, stabilize viscosity and extend oil life, prevent sludge and varnish deposits. It is also designed to protect against friction, heat and cold starts in older gasoline and diesel engines.

Prolong said the formulation of the oil stabilizer is compatible with both petroleum and synthetic motor oils and suitable for use in gasoline or diesel engines in older passenger cars, light- and medium-duty trucks, tractors and farm equipment, motorcycles, and boats.

As the average age of light-duty trucks is more than eight years today, the need to have products designed to address older, high-mileage vehicles has increased, noted Bill Carlson, Prolong’s vp-sales.

“Our new oil stabilizer is formulated specifically to help solve problems that occur in older, high-mileage vehicles. It helps people to keep their motors running,” he said.

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