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PA 2005 fuel tax decal deadline nears

PA 2005 fuel tax decal deadline nears

Pennsylvania’s Revenue Department is reminding truck operators that Dec. 31 is the deadline to apply for 2005 Motor Carriers Road Tax/IFTA decals. Operators who apply for the $5-decal set by Dec. 31st – one per truck is needed – are then granted a 60-day grace period, to Mar. 1, to display the decals on their trucks.

Motor vehicles that must buy the fuel tax stickers include: two-axle trucks having a gross or registered gross weight over 26,000 lb.; three-axle trucks regardless of weight; and combinations greater than 26,000 lb., unless exempted by law.

Trucks that operate solely in Pennsylvania need PA non-IFTA decals, while truckers that operate both inside and outside the state must display IFTA decals, the department said.

Truck operators can download an application for the decals, IFTA-200A, from the Department's Web site at or contact the Bureau of Motor Fuel Taxes at 1-800-482-4382.

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