Phillips Industries develops new trailer lamp

Phillips Industries develops new trailer lamp

A new Permalite fluorescent dome trailer lamp from Phillips Industries addresses a number of safety issues. For example, the lamp’s lower-demand ballast circuit means a trailer can run up to 6 amps, each with a 24-watt, 12,000-hour fluorescent bulb, increasing visibility for shipping and receiving personnel, said Phillips.

According to Phillips, the Permalite dome trailer lamp’s design negates the need for costly, complex and dangerous heat strips. It also fits in most standard refrigerated trailers.

Other features noted by the manufacturer include an efficient ballast circuit that pulls less start-up amps and uses lower operating volts to extend lamp and bulb life. Repair costs are further reduced, the company pointed out, because the low-profile, impact-resistant polycarbonate housing, unbreakable lens and stainless-steel fasteners protect the unit from extreme conditions and routine trailer loading and cargo damage.

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