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The preventive care payoff: How small investments keep your rigs on the road

With the recent changes in the diesel engine oil category, there may be some confusion as to what should be used in these engines that have higher miles on them.

During the recent economic recession, many fleet managers had no choice but to keep their high-mileage vehicles in service rather than replace them. Today, many of those operators continue to use preventive maintenance measures to keep their older vehicles on the road. Even small changes like using a high-quality engine oil can make all the difference in protecting the investment you’ve made in your equipment, and in time they can make a sizable impact on your bottom line.

Heavy-duty diesel engines are categorized differently when discussing high mileage. An over-the-road class-8 truck will log 750,000 miles or more before it’s categorized as higher-mileage. In fact, it’s not unusual for a truck to achieve more than 1,000,000 miles if it’s serviced regularly. With the recent changes in the diesel engine oil category, there may be some confusion as to what should be used in these engines that have higher miles on them. It’s important to know that API CK-4 licensed engine oils are formulated to protect engines with higher miles just as they will when the equipment is new.

Lubricants for heavy-duty diesel vehicles

Using lubricants that are specifically designed for heavy-duty diesel vehicles will protect the engine during its long hours of service. Many service centers, such as those featuring Cenex products, offer a complete line of high-quality engine oils for commercial fleets, including CENEX SUPERLUBE TMS® AND MAXTRON® DEO OR MAXTRON® ENVIRO-EDGE® WITH WEAR SAVER TECHNOLOGY®. These oils are formulated to the rigorous standards of API CK-4 and are licensed to ensure that consumers know they are getting the best quality. Cenex heavy-duty diesel engine oils are formulated with special additive packages to protect engines and increase fuel economy through long service intervals.

Perform an oil analysis now to avoid repairs later

Analyzing the oil in your vehicle is like sending your blood for a lab test. An engine oil analysis can provide clues about the health of your engine while avoiding any invasive procedures. A regular oil analysis is critical because those test results can alert you to mechanical engine issues before they become a larger problem for your vehicle. LubeScan® oil kits, which contain everything you need for an oil analysis, are widely available at your local cooperative, CENEX and other service stations.

Investing in preventive care is always a good idea, but it becomes especially important when stretching the life of an older vehicle. By proactively protecting your equipment, you can save yourself from big expenses and downtime later on. Small, smart investments that extend the life of your vehicle pay off big in the long-run. To find the best preventive-care products for your equipment, use the EQUIPMENT LOOKUP TOOL ON CENEX.COM.

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