Regional Carrier Offers Cold Protection

A. Duie Pyle protects freight from harsh temperatures

West Chester, PA-based regional carrier A. Duie Pyle has rolled out a new program effective through April 2005 to protect customer freight from harsh travel and storage temperatures common to the winter season in the Northeast.

Called the “Protect From Freezing” program, A. Duie Pyle said it applies to LTL and TL shipments alike that have a freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a mix of specialized equipment -- including ThermoKing heated trailers and heated docks -- and specific handling procedures, the carrier said the program hinges on four elements. The carrier calls it its ‘S.A.F.E.’ criteria:

  • Specialized equipment and handling is available to protect sensitive freight from temperature extremes;
  • All-weather capability for uninterrupted service, including the use of dedicated snow removal equipment as well as specially trained drivers who are prepared to handle harsh weather conditions;
  • Freezable freight protection 7 days a week via heated trailers, terminals, and service centers;
  • Exemplary quality assurance to provide measurable standards of service for both the shipper and its customers.

    ”In the Northeast, low temperatures are a fact of life,” said Peter Latta, president of A. Duie Pyle. “But customer satisfaction can't drop just because the temperature does. We have to ensure that customer freight arrives at its destination in optimal condition, regardless of weather conditions.”

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