RFID research center opens

Alien Technology Corp. has opened a new 23,000-sq-ft RFID research center in Dayton, OH

Alien Technology Corp. has opened a new 23,000-sq-ft Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) research center in Dayton, OH. The facility will foster use of the technology in asset visibility within supply chains, enhanced safety and security, and greater operating efficiencies for the private and public sectors.

“We want this center to be a resource for the entire RFID community of suppliers, end customers, solutions partners and educators – dedicated solely to furthering RFID technology,” said Stav Prodromou, Alien’s CEO.

The services of Alien’s RFID Dayton center are available to organizations involved in the implementation of RFID technology, including enterprises, government agencies and their partners across several markets, said Prodromou.

For more information, go to www.alientechnology.com.

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