Roadway Express rolls out new security offering

Roadway Express rolls out new security offering

Roadway Express, a subsidiary of Overland Park, KS-based LTL conglomerate Yellow Roadway, is offering a new security program for shippers called Sealed Divider Service (SDS).

Roadway Express said SDS shipments are placed behind a customized barrier, which is secured with two uniquely numbered tamper-resistant rod lock seals. Once the shipment is loaded on a Roadway Express truck, it is not touched until it has been delivered to its final destination, the company said.

Bob Stull, president of Roadway Express, said the SDS program is designed to provide a secure transportation environment that eliminates handling and co-mingling of shipments. The shipper pays only for the space used within a trailer. He noted that it has been granted patent-pending status and is in the final stages of review before receiving full patent protection.

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