Dispatch system for mobile management

San Francisco-based Sapias, Inc., has released Sapias Dispatch, a new product that provides “unprecedented visibility and control over mobile workforces’ daily execution schedules.”

San Francisco-based Sapias, Inc., has released Sapias Dispatch, a new product that provides unprecedented visibility and control over mobile workforces daily execution schedules.

The firm said that as a key component to the Sapias Intelligence Suite, Sapias Dispatch streamlines communication between dispatcher and mobile fleets and allows them to proactively anticipate and prevent problems before they occur to increase productivity, improve customer service and lower operating costs.

Survey any one of our customers and they'll tell you that their biggest problem is faithfully executing the day's field plan especially when the unexpected happens, explained Stuart Bagshaw, president & CEO of Sapias, Inc. Sapias Dispatch helps our customers better plan and anticipate how jobs are done each day. More importantly, it enables them to optimally respond to unforeseen emergency service calls so that each employee in the mobile workforce is more efficient with their time.

According to Sapias, benefits of its Dispatch system include:

  • Alerts -- The Sapias Alert Engine helps leverage limited time and resources by telling customers what they need to know and when they need to know it.
  • Reports -- From summary charts to detailed reports, the Sapias Report Engine provides an interactive interface.
  • Route management -- Visual monitoring of the most important information with quick access to the status of routes and individual jobs in progress.
  • Job management -- Ensure maximum employee efficiency and high levels of customer service with the ability to manage job assignments as the day unfolds.
  • System integration -- Improve the performance of existing customer and order management systems with ¡§bidirectional integration with CRM, order management, or other job assignment/management systems.¡¨
  • Two-way communications -- Allows using a mobile data terminal (MDT) or properly equipped cell phone (e.g. Nextel GPS) to eliminate phone calls to communicate dispatch instructions or collect job or employee information.

    For more information, go to www.sapias.com.

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