Shell and TA to build national LNG fueling network

Shell and TravelCenters of America will launch within a year a national network for fueling heavy-duty trucks with LNG.

Up to 100 existing TA and Petro truck stops will get LNG fueling stations under an agreement between Shell Oil Co.  and TravelCenters of America.  The agreement calls for Shell to install and pay for at least two heavy-truck LNG fueling lanes and related storage facilities at each of the TA and Petro locations.  

The first LNG pumps will be installed within a year along high-volume truck corridors with others added later to create a nationwide LNG fueling network, according to Shell.

While U.S.long-haul  fleets have strong interest in using LNG, “they have one question that needs to be answered – where can I get this fuel over the road?” said Thomas M. O’Brien, TA president and CEO. “This agreement answers that question.”

Last year Shell announced an LNG demonstration project in Alberta, Canada to install LNG fueling stations at Flying J truck stops with the first opening earlier this year.  Last month, Shell also announced that it will build two LNG liquefaction facilities in the Great Lakes and Gulf Coast to support natural gas use in long-haul trucking and other transportation applications.

Shell will source LNG for the TA network from third-party suppliers until those plants come on line, according to Dan McCarthy, general manager for national accounts.

Last month Shell also announced an agreement with Volvo Trucks to help foster LNG as a fuel option for heavy-duty trucks by developing technical and operating standards, as well as address other technical issues such as fuel quality, engine compatibility and emissions monitoring.

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