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Stemco unveils RFID truck components

Stemco announces RFID lineup and new marketing director

Heavy-duty truck wheel end manufacturer Stemco has introduced its Bat RF line of products that use RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to communicate vehicle condition data.

This product line tracks how many miles a vehicle has traveled, identifies equipment in need of maintenance, and gauges the condition of certain vehicle components.

This system includes any of these components:

  • AirBat RF tire pressure monitor system providing a visual reading of tire air pressure condition along with the ability to transfer the data by radio frequency
  • TracBat RF electric mileage counter capable of communicating vehicle mileage data wirelessly via RF channels
  • HandBat RF reader that collects and displays wireless data from AirBat, TracBat, and other sensor collection devices developed in the future
  • DataBat personal computer software that accepts downloaded data from the HandBat
  • Download Pod peripheral device for data transfer to and from HandBat and DataBat

    Separately, Stemco has announced that Kara Bolster has been promoted to be its director of marketing.

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