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Trucker Path

Driver and fuel data reveal the best freight corridors nationwide

June 10, 2024
Trucker Path releases its rankings of best and worst interstate routes for truck drivers in the U.S. The company considered parking availability, truck stop ratings, and fuel ...
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Department of Commerce imposes 2.35% tariff on Thai truck tires

May 16, 2024
Responding to a petition by U.S. tire factory union workers that allege Thai rubber companies are undercutting the domestic truck tire market, the Department of Commerce is poised...
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Cargo theft is rising fast; here’s how to slow the curve

May 14, 2024
Cargo theft is an industry-wide problem that isn’t slowing. Here’s why it’s gaining momentum and what fleets can do to decrease their risks of becoming the next victim.
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Emissions & Efficiency

GHG3 is destined to fail, according to industry detractors

May 14, 2024
If large fleets are struggling to adapt to transportation’s carbon-free future, how will smaller trucking fleets keep up with federal regulations set to take effect in less than...

Paccar executives confident they’ll make more share gains

May 6, 2024
Both the Kenworth/Peterbilt parent and Daimler Truck say their order books are in fine shape well into the rest of the year.

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