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Teydo Americas customer base expanding

A number of reports of suspicious behavior around hazmat and petroleum tank trucks has today prompted Highway Watch to issue a request to its members to immediately report any similar activity

Rob Groot, managing director of Teydo Americas, announced that more than 1,000 customers in North America are now using the company’s FleetOnline location-based services (LSB) solutions. Teydo focuses on providing an affordable way for customers to monitor and dispatch people, assets and property, said the firm. FleetOnline is an internet-based tracing solution.

“We are very pleased with the rapid acceptance of our FleetOnline solution,” Groot reported, “especially among small businesses. Our customers come from a broad range of organizations—those with mobile workforces, fleet operators, transportation and construction companies, and security providers….”

Groot said the company is also accelerating growth of its customer base through its Teydo Partner Program, which was launched in North America in June. “We expect further expansion this fall, through our business partnership with Sprint Nextel. Through FleetOnline, Sprint Nextel small business customers will soon have all the advantages of enterprise GPS phone tracking systems without the cost and complexity.”

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