Fleet Performance Watchdog

TMW Systems releases fleet management alert tool

TMW Systems, a developer of management software for the trucking industry, has added a business performance-monitoring tool that alerts fleet managers to operating inefficiencies. Dubbed “The Dawg”, it works in conjunction with the company’s ResultsNow web-based performance monitoring tool.

The Dawg enables users to create alert thresholds for each key performance indicator based on acceptable ranges. If any data point falls outside of the set range, the system sends alerts to managers via email or pop-up messages in real time.

For example, the tool can be programmed to send an alert if accumulated empty miles for a dispatched vehicle exceeds a set number of miles.

“While it’s nearly impossible to spot every business exception, The Dawg acts as a safety net that catches human errors before they lead to unnecessary expenses,” said Tom Weisz, president & CEO of TMW Systems.

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