Cummins announces 2007 heavy-duty ratings

Cummins announces 2007 heavy-duty ratings

LOUISVILLE, KY. Cummins Inc. announced the ’07 ratings for its heavy-duty ISX and ISM diesel engines here yesterday ahead of the Mid-America Trucking Show

LOUISVILLE, KY. Cummins Inc. announced the ’07 ratings for its heavy-duty ISX and ISM diesel engines here yesterday ahead of the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The engine maker said a full lineup of ratings will be available for these engines and specifically introduced three new ratings:

  • ISX 425 SmartTorque (ST)
  • ISX 485 SmartTorque (ST)
  • ISX 600

    Cummins said the 2007 ISX engines will “leverage core in-house technologies from air-handling to aftertreatment to deliver the best fuel economy, lowest operating cost, and performance and durability that the trucking industry expects.”

    Designed for truckload fleets, the ISX 425 SmartTorque provides 1550/1750 lb.-ft. of extra torque that “will allow drivers to stay in top gear longer, maintain road speed better and shift less often on grades. This SmartTorque rating will increase the percentage of time in top gear along with providing increased driver satisfaction.” In addition, Cummins said increased time in top gear and less shifting mean better fuel economy.

    The ISX 485 ST is designed for the “premium truckload market.” Buyers will have a choice of either a straight rating or a SmartTorque rating. “The ISX 485 ST delivers on the performance and fuel economy needs of these customers,” according to Cummins.

    For owner-operators, Cummins will offer the ISX 600 with 1,850 lb.-ft. of torque. “This will be the ideal rating for heavy haulers and owner-operators who demand extra performance,” said the engine maker.

    All of the new ratings are compatible with a range of automated and manual transmissions. “Customers selecting the ISX 425 SmartTorque will have options for selecting various transmissions to optimize for best operating efficiency in their specific fleet,” Cummins noted.

    “We continue to expand our ratings to deliver every advantage for our customers,” said Jeff Jones, vp-sales & market communications. “These additional ratings hit the sweet spot for two very important but different sets of Cummins customers, with specific advantages for the needs of their very different business models: Those involved in truckload operations where the absolute best fuel economy makes the difference in business performance; and those who need extra horsepower for demanding loads.”

    The engine maker said the new ratings are “enabled by a combination of Cummins engine technologies, including enhancements to Cummins cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), combined with high injection pressures, the ability of the Cummins Particulate Filter to maximize use of passive regeneration, the Holset VG turbocharger with electric actuation, plus integrated engine and aftertreatment controls.

    The new ISM engine will also feature enhanced fuel economy for 2007 and will include 410 and 425V horsepower ratings, the company said. Both the ISX and ISM for 2007 will be available in limited production in this year’s fourth quarter with full production slated to begin in January 2007.

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