International CXT “sidekick”

International CXT “sidekick”

International RXT pickup truck

International Truck & Engine Corp. today unveiled the International RXT 4x2 commercial pickup truck as part of the International XT family. The RXT will be one of four vehicles the OEM is showcasing at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show, from Feb. 11 to 20.

The International RXT stands eight-ft. tall, 22 ft. long and weighs just over five tons. It features an eight foot long bed, “great” hauling and towing capacity, and commercial hydraulic brakes. The exterior was designed with bells and whistles in mind, with full-body side skirts, a low step-in height and an aerodynamic hood.

International is hoping this pickup truck will receive the same acclaim its bigger brother, the CXT, did which was hailed by International as “the world’s largest production pickup truck.”

“Just as people have unique personas, the International RXT is designed for business owners who prefer a strong and athletic look rather than a vehicle as big and bold as the International CXT,” stated the OEM.

The International RXT is powered by an International VT 365 diesel V8 engine with 230 hp and 540 lb.-ft. of torque. This model will be available for order throughout North America in fall 2005, with a starting price of under $70,000.

A pre-production International MXT derived from a military chassis and a concept pickup truck—the International ProjectXT-- will also debut at the show.

The International MXT built from military and municipal apps will be available by late 2005 with a commercial variant slated for production in 2006.

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