TransCore to Offer TIA Discount

TIA members gets discount for CarrierWatch

Harrisburg, PA-based software systems provider TransCore is offering a discount on its CarrierWatch online service to freight brokers that are members of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA).

TransCore said CarrierWatch, launched earlier this year, gives brokers an efficient and cost-effective method to validate and monitor the credentials of 30,000 trucking companies based on 60 separate criteria – safety rating, record of insurance, etc. – all via the Internet.

“We are currently dealing with an acute nationwide shortage of truck capacity and our members need more efficient tools to find qualified carriers and check credentials quickly before engaging them,” said Robert Voltmann, president & CEO of Alexandria, VA-based TIA.

“The CarrierWatch program helps our members find the trucks they need and reduces the risk of using unauthorized, unsafe, or underinsured carriers,” he added. “We found the CarrierWatch service to meet the criteria established by the TIA board of directors for an online carrier monitoring service, and that the CarrierWatch service solves some of the most pressing needs of our members today.”

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