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Overnite to become UPS Freight

Overnite to become UPS Freight

United Parcel Service is changing the name of subsidiary Overnite Corp. – the holding company for Richmond, VA-based LTL carrier Overnite Transportation and TL operator Motor Cargo – to UPS Freight, with new logos, colors, and uniforms to debut May 1. Along with the name change, the two carriers’ operations will also be reorganized into a single integrated network, the company says.

“We are taking the best of Overnite and Motor Cargo and melding it with UPS’s expertise and capabilities for the benefit of customers,” said Leo Suggs, Overnite’s CEO and president. “UPS is known for its technology, its operational expertise and its extensive service options and reliability. We are bringing those same features to our LTL customers. It’s a potent combination.”

The “re-branding” includes a move to the UPS logo and new colors, said Suggs – a gray reminiscent of Overnite gray, combined with UPS’s signature brown, along with a new Web site for shipping and tracking called

Overnite’s facilities and fleet, which includes 22,000 trailers, are also going to be re-badged as UPS Freight over the course of several years, said Suggs, noting that UPS Freight is going to continue to operate independently of the UPS package delivery network.

UPS, which purchased Overnite in August last year, is making the name and logo change to try and bring more “full range” supply chain solutions to the market, said Kurt Kuehn, UPS senior VP for worldwide sales and marketing.

The transition to UPS Freight includes a complete restructuring of Overnite and Motor Cargo into a single integrated freight network – dubbed UPS Freight LTL and UPS Freight Truckload, respectively, he said.

Over the next several months, Motor Cargo’s operations in 10 western states are going to be fully integrated into the UPS Freight network, Kuehn said, along with the deployment of new technology such as UPS’s DIAD hand-held computer for all UPS Freight operations. The hand-held devices are currently used by UPSdrivers to improve tracking and customer responsiveness.

“Our traditional small package customers are excited about the freight capabilities we now can offer and we expect freight services to become an increasingly important part of why customers turn to UPS,” he said. “In addition, this will allow UPS to achieve our goal of growing the overall business and sustaining our competitive advantage in the global marketplace.”

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