XATA Unveils Integrated Cellular/Satellite System

XATA shows off intergrated cellular/satellite system

Minneapolis-based XATA Corp. has introduced an integrated digital cellular and satellite communications system for private fleets. The system is for both high-speed data downloads and voice transmission.

XATA said its patent-pending MobileSync also helps reduce the cost of updating software in commercial vehicles, allowing fleets to select and implement additional applications "on the fly" and overcoming the traditional implementation bottlenecks associated with onboard technology.

“The challenges for today’s fleet operators are to improve productivity and reduce costs real-time,” said Peter Thayer, chief technical officer for XATA. “We believe our new digital cellular and satellite offering delivers the best of both worlds -- high-speed data transfer coupled with ubiquitous coverage to help fleets move faster and operate smarter in the field.”

Thayer added that the system’s use of digital cellular is critical as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is allowing telecommunication forms to turn off analog cellular support in favor of digital networks in 2007.

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