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On the road again: Why what drivers wear matters

Jan. 27, 2023
Have you given much thought to what your drivers are wearing on the job and what their clothing says about your company?

With the increase in online shopping and home deliveries, warehouses and delivery companies are running shifts 24/7. When your drivers are out making deliveries at all hours, the clothing they wear on the job is crucial. Work uniforms tailored to the unique needs of drivers can instill trust with your customers, enhance your company’s brand image, increase productivity and team pride, and support on-the-job safety.

When weighing available uniform options, the following tips can help companies decide what their warehouse and delivery employees should wear and how to manage it all. 

  • On the Job Mobility. When drivers are loading and unloading cargo and constantly on the go, the last thing they need are garments that restrict movement. Look for stretchable garments constructed with performance fabrics and purposeful tailoring that allow them to move more freely and comfortably, so they can do their job.
  • Enhanced Visibility. Safety should always be considered a top priority, whether in an active warehouse or for drivers on the road, and uniforms can play a huge role in helping them stay protected. Since your team makes deliveries in all types of weather and at different times during the day and night, invest in garments with reflective striping to help wearers be seen in environments with moving vehicles, dim lighting, and other roadside hazards. 
  • Modern Style. Making a good impression on customers and elevating your company’s brand image starts with wearing attractive, clean uniforms. Select garments that feature high-quality fabrics, modern designs, and a variety of color options. Cuts should be roomy, comfortable, and flattering for all types of bodies. When drivers wear uniforms displaying corporate logos and colors, they also help brand and differentiate their business in the markets they serve and instill a sense of trust and credibility with your customers, especially those who make deliveries at all hours.
  • Comfort with Moisture Management. Your drivers, warehouse staff, and others work long hours, and comfortable fitting clothing is paramount to staying happy and productive on the job. Opt for breathable garments with built-in moisture-wicking technology to help keep drivers cool, dry, and comfortable so they can get their work done.
  • Reduced Costs with a Uniform Rental Program. Using a uniform services provider to manage your uniform program can reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with uniforms. Reputable uniform service providers can take care of everything for you, including selecting the right uniforms, installing your program, fitting your employees, personalizing uniforms with logos, laundering, automatic repairing and replacing overly worn garments, adding and deleting wearers, as well as regularly picking up soiled garments and delivering cleaned ones.

Finding warehouse and driver uniforms that combine mobility, visibility, style, and comfort may seem challenging, but there is a new solution available from UniFirst, a North American leader in providing customized business uniform programs.

UniFirst recently launched Spotlite MV, a new line of workwear designed specifically for warehouse and delivery drivers who need garments that are easy to move in, comfortable, stylish, enhance visibility, and can keep up with their active job responsibilities. The innovative collection, only available from UniFirst through the company’s uniform rental program, is an industry-first, combining all four important uniform features --mobility, visibility, comfort, and style.

The expansive Spotlite MV visibility workwear collection includes pants, shorts, shirts, polos, vests, and jackets in a full array of sizes, colors, and styles for both men and women. The inclusion of a women’s fit was an important goal when creating the collection, recognizing their role, and enabling them to excel on the job.

Tips for sourcing uniforms

There are a few options for buying employee uniforms. You can purchase uniforms directly, but that can get expensive and time-consuming to maintain and launder the garments on your own. A more cost-effective and time-saving solution is renting uniforms through a professional uniform services provider such as UniFirst.

Investing in a uniform rental program has many advantages. In addition to providing peace of mind that your drivers are well-protected, there are other valuable business benefits, including:

  • Selecting an appropriate employee uniform can immediately establish a professional business image that attracts and helps retain customers.
  • Employer-provided uniforms save both employers and employees money, and when provided as part of a managed services rental program, eliminate employee laundering time and expense.
  • Lower total cost of ownership. A trusted uniform services provider can proactively manage your program and provide expert advice for the lowest overall spend and highest levels of service.

UniFirst can point you in the right direction with a uniform services program customized for your specific needs. Services include regularly scheduled uniform pickup and delivery, hygienic laundering, automatic garment mending and replacements of overly worn garments, and garment personalization so your company’s brand can stand out on and off the road.

For more information, visit: spotlitemv.unifirst.com

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