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Aug. 31, 2006
View Sample Screens Learn the many ways Fleet Owner's FleetSeek can help you: Ease of Use in Researching FleetsFind Freight Carriers Find Truckload Carriers Find LTL Carriers Find Fleets by Local, Regional, National Designation Find ...

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Learn the many ways Fleet Owner's FleetSeek can help you: Ease of Use in Researching FleetsFind Freight CarriersFind Truckload CarriersFind LTL CarriersFind Fleets by Local, Regional, National DesignationFind Motor CarriersFind Fleets by CountryFind Owner OperatorsFind Private CarriersFind Truck DriversGet Truck Marketing InfoGet Truck Mailing ListsTrack Trucking InsuranceTrack Constant Changes in the Trucking Industry

Trucking Mailing Lists


In any industry, the keys to direct mail marketing are the accuracy and relevancy of mailing lists. Ideally, not a penny is wasted sending even one piece of mail to an address where a potential buyer does not reside or work. When parcels are heavy and the mailing materials are expensive, accuracy and relevancy become even more crucial to the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign: return on investment.

Send Mail Only to Your Target Audience


At FleetSeek, we provide our customers with databases that ensure both accuracy and relevancy in their trucking mailing lists. Using our FleetSeek database, companies can easily obtain correct addresses for all the major contacts in the North American trucking industry, people in charge of both small and multibillion-dollar trucking fleets. Mailing lists can be tailored to reach the decision maker by name and title. Even though change is fast and furious in an industry as large and dynamic as trucking, we guarantee that less mail will be returned using our addresses than any of our competitors' lists.

In addition to improving the accuracy of your mailing lists, FleetSeek can also make your list more targeted than ever before. From FleetSeek.com, our database of names and addresses can be sorted by region, company size, and many other factors within the demographics we provide. This feature makes it possible to filter out those companies that fall outside your target market. This is crucial for those on a limited budget, since targeted mailings receive much higher response percentages than indiscriminate mass mailings.

Our directories make it possible to create sales letters, brochures, and other marketing materials that are more personalized, rather than highly generalized. Say, for example, your rates are different for a trucking company that may purchase 1,000 items as opposed to a smaller company that has a need for only five of those same products. With FleetSeek, you can easily segregate the mailing addresses and names based on the size of the company, and then run separate mailings with appropriate marketing materials for each group.

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